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Multi-core fibers and doped fibers with innovative dopant profiles

With the increasing demand for Internet consumption, a new generation of communication systems is currently in development. In order, to increase the capacity of the networks, several research projects carried out in the laboratory aim to explore different avenues: more modes per core, more cores per optical fiber or a wider band to host more information channels. However, a crucial element in the development of a complete communication link is the optical amplifier, which amplifies the information signals periodically to prevent them from becoming attenuated before reaching the detector. at the other end of the fiber.

In the laboratory, we have all the equipment necessary to design, manufacture and characterize specialized optical fiber amplifiers for the communication networks of tomorrow. With our equipment to manufacture innovative preforms, our optical fiber drawing towers and our highly skilled technicians with a unique expertise, the available resources are numerous and facilitative.

Several multi-core fibers and doped fibers with innovative dopant profiles have been produced in the laboratory in recent years. These allowed the publication of several research papers.