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Mai Banawan

PhD student

Supervisor: Prof. Leslie Rusch




Publication list

  • M. Banawan, L. Wang, S. LaRochelle, and L. A. Rusch, "Modeling the Breakdown in Degeneracy for High‐Index‐Contrast Ring Core Fiber," in IEEE Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC 2020), San Diego, p. W1B.2, 2020.
  • A. Yekani, M. Banawan, and L. A. Rusch, "Flexible Modulation and Frequency Allocations for SNRlimited Coherent Systems," in Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE 2018), Québec City, May 13‐16, 2018.


OFC 2020 - Modeling the Breakdown in Degeneracy for High-Index-Contrast Ring Core Fiber