Articles de conférence récents

    ECOC, septembre 2021

    • Silicon IQ Modulator for 120 Gbaud QAM (pdf
    • Silicon Microring Modulator with Polarization Insensitivity (pdf

    OFC, juin 2021

    • Silicon Nitride Band Splitter Based on Multimode Bragg Gratings (pdf
    • DAC-Less PAM-4 Slow-Light Silicon Photonic Modulator Assisted by Coupled Bragg Grating Resonators (pdf

    IEEE BlackSeaCom, mai 2021

    • Geometric Constellation Shaping Using Initialized Autoencoders (pdf) (video)

    CLEO, mai 2021

    • Raman-Kerr Combs in High-Q Chalcogenide Microresonators Coupled to Silicon Waveguides (pdf
    • Hybrid Chalcogenide-Silicon Subwavelength Grating Waveguides Microring Resonators (pdf

    ECOC, décembre 2020

    • Characterization of an Aluminophosphosilicate Fiber with Annular Erbium Doping for Improved Performance of Cladding-Pumped Amplifiers (pdf) (video)

    CLEO, mai 2020

    • Neural Nets to Approach Optimal Receivers for High Speed Optical Communication (pdf) (video)
    • 5G Service Overlay in WD, Optical Access Network with Colorless Smart Edge Based on SiP MRM (pdf) (video)
    • Two-channel data transmission on a polarization-maintaining highly elliptical core fiber without MIMO (pdf) (video)
    • Hybrid Integration of High-Q Chalcogenide Microring Resonators on Silicon-on-insulator (pdf) (video)
    • Silicon Nitride Arrayed Waveguide Grating with a Waveguide Superlattice (pdf) (video)

    OFC, mars 2020

    • Modeling the Breakdown in Degeneracy for High-Index-Contrast Ring Core Fiber (pdf) (video)
    • Silicon Photonics to Add 5G RoF Services to PONs Employing Carrier Reuse (pdf) (video)
    • All Silicon IQ Modulator with 1Tb/s Line Rate (Top Scored Paper) (pdf) (video)
    • An extended L-band EDFA using C-band pump wavelength (pdf
    • Novel Fuseless Optical Fiber Side-Coupler based on Half-Taper for Cladding Pumped EDFAs (pdf
    • Dual-Band Filtering Using a Single Device (poster)

      ECOC, septembre 2019

      • An 8-core Erbium-doped fiber with annular doping for low gain compression in cladding-pumped amplifiers (pdf
      • Experimental Demonstration of a WDM-Compatible Polarization-Diverse OAM Generator and Multiplexer in Silicon Photonics (pdf

      OFC, mars 2019

      • All-Silicon IQ Modulator for 100 GBaud 32QAM Transmissions (Post Deadline Paper) (video)
      • Experimental Demonstration of Reduced-size LUT Predistortion for 256QAM SiP Transmitter (video)
      • Ultra-Compact DWDM Filter Tunable Across the C-band (poster)
      • Silicon Microring IQ Modulator Enabled Single Sideband OFDM Transmission (poster)

      Présentations/Articles invitées récentes 

      • ECOC 2021 (présentation invitée), L. Rusch, S. LaRochelle & M. Banawan, Ring-core fibers supporting propagation of OAM modes (video)
      • ONDM 2021 (25th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling, présentation invitée), L. Rusch, X. Guan & W. Shi, Silicon photonics enabling 5G optical networks over PON infrastructures (video)
      • OFC 2021 (présentation invitée), Is Photonics Integration Ready for Next-Generation Optical Access Demands? L. Rusch, W. Shi & X. Guan, Challenges and opportunities in scaling SiP to higher baud rates (video)
      • OSA Campfire Session 2021, W. Shi, Scaling capacity of fiber-optic transmission systems via silicon photonics (video)
      • Nanophotonics De Gruyter 2020, W. Shi, Y. Tian & A. Gervais, Scaling capacity of fiber-optic transmission systems via silicon photonics (pdf)
      • CLEO PacificRim 2020, L. Rusch, Optical signal processing for coherent communications (video)
      • APC Networks 2020, L. Rusch, Design silicon photonics systems for high speed networks (video)
      • APC Networks 2020, S. LaRochelle, Design of fibers with Erbium-ring-doping in the cladding for spatially integrated amplifiers (video)
      • Photonics North 2020, W. Shi, Multiplexing of optical vortices in silicon photonic circuits (video)
      • Photonics West 2020, W. Shi, Broadband silicon photonic polarimeter using subwavelength grating metamaterial waveguides (pdf
      • OFC 2019, W. Shi, Silicon photonic modulators for high-capacity coherent transmissions (pdf
      • IPC 2019, L. Rusch, Shaping optical fibers to mode division multiplex without MIMO (pdf